‘Nirbhaya van’ ready for first time in Gujarat for girls’ safety, ‘She team’ will arrive immediately


Ahmedabad: The Ahmedabad City Police in Gujarat has prepared a squad of three ‘Nirbhaya vans’ with state-of-the-art technology to improve the security of women. This Nirbhaya van will roam in public places such as roads, school-colleges, gardens and markets. DCP of City Zone-2 and Aksharaj, member of Nirbhaya Project, said that the ‘She Team’ of the police will always be ready to prevent incidents of harassment of girls. The ‘She Team’ consists of one female PSI, 4 female constables and 2 male constables. This team has been specially designed for women’s safety. A ‘Nirbhaya van’ has been installed across the city, which has caught many Romeos from various places.

Stopped for 5 minutes on the 5th floor and then made the jump, the people kept watching the video of the death live.

Special ‘She team’ of police deployed in the city
According to Akshayaraj, the Ahmedabad City Police will launch ‘She Team’ at most police stations to protect women. The ‘She Team’ keeps an eye on schools, colleges, malls and women’s circles in the city, where there is a high chance of molestation. The team has taken legal action against those who have been found harassing the girls.

‘Nirbhaya van’ has such technology facilities

The ‘Team Team’ van also has high quality cameras, live recording of the incident and remote monitoring. A mobile data, redlight circulation detection system has also been installed in this van. Apart from this CCTV cameras attached to it can be seen in the live visual control room. Initially, preparations were made to allocate this van to the ‘She Team’ of the city.

As soon as the information is received, it will reach the scene in a short time.

The special thing about ‘Nirbhaya Van’ is that, based on the CCTV footage installed in public places, the team will move in that direction as soon as input is received. The speed of this van is also very fast. In a few minutes it can protect a woman by going several km. Not only this, councilors will also be kept in vans with police to talk to women.

Chain snatchers or robbers will also be caught ‘Nirbhaya van’

DCP Akshay Raj further explained that ‘Nirbhaya Van’ is equipped with special cameras with an automotive number plate. Whenever a person escapes from an act of harassment or chainwatching of women, they will be immediately identified on the basis of their number plate.