Daily use of toothpick causes great harm to gums


Many people use toothpick to remove food stuck in their teeth. The toothpick is made of plastic or wood. Gums with teeth also become very bad due to this. Let us know what other problems related to mouth with toothpick ..

  • Gums swell and begin to open from their place with the daily use of toothpick. This causes damage to the teeth and weakens the roots.
  • When the teeth are cleaned using a toothpick, then rubbing it often leads to bleeding from the gums. Excessive use increases the risk of tooth decay.

-Many people have a habit of chewing a toothpick after using it because it is made of plastic or wood which causes a lot of damage to the enamel of the teeth.

  • With the use of a toothpick in the same place, empty space starts to form between the teeth. Due to this, too much food gets stuck in that empty space and cavity starts in the teeth due to which the teeth become spoiled.
  • Due to its use, tooth gloss starts to end due to which cavity in the teeth becomes worse.