These are the main symptoms of conjunctivitis

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During the rainy season, many types of diseases suround us, one of them is conjunctivitis. This is a common viral infection in the rain that is caused by bacteria. Conjunctivitis also causes eye problems. This infection is very painful.

Initially, in this disease the eyes begin to turn red and after some time the eyes start burning and pain and water starts falling. Initially it is in one eye, but due to lack of caution, in this disease, sunlight and strong light prick the eyes. Sometimes conjunctivitis takes a very dangerous form. In this case, blood starts to flow from the outer layer of the eye. It takes a long time to get it right.

Major symptoms of conjunctivitis –

1 red eyes
2 blurry
3 eye stickiness
4 watery eyes
5 Extreme pain in eyes
6 piercing the eyes

How to take care –

1 Clean cleanliness should be very considerate.

2 Exit with glasses in eyes while exiting

3 Do not leave the house as far as possible so that the other person is not vulnerable to this infection.

4 Do not look at the person suffering from conjunctivitis. This disease gets infected by air.

5 Do not shake hands with the victim. Do not touch anything used, such as handkerchiefs, sheets, towels etc.