Remove the problem of loss of appetite with these home remedies

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At present, everyone repeats this thing repeatedly in the day that I do not feel like eating or I am not hungry. But do you know that it can also be a serious disease?

Which can also have a very bad effect on the body. There can also be many types of deficiencies such as loss of weight, feeling of weakness. Let’s overcome the problem of loss of appetite with home remedies ..

  • Hunger starts by drinking green coriander juice mixed with water in 30 grams of water daily.
  • Add rock salt, roasted cumin and black pepper to lassi and drink, it gives a lot of benefit.
  • Eating parsley with water after eating food is very easily digested and
    Hunger also starts.
  • Drinking half a teaspoon of sweet soda in a glass of hot water, you must start feeling hungry.
    Goes but stop drinking it when you feel hungry.
  • Certainly include coriander, lemon and ginger in the food.
  • Applying black pepper, salt on radish is beneficial.