Parking place made in Sardar Patel’s house in Ahmedabad

Parking at Patel's house

Ahmedabad: Parking problem has also ‘encroached’ on history. Yes, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ‘s house in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has now been converted into a parking lot. Sardar Patel ‘s memorial building at Lal Darwaja turns into ‘parking’ during the daytime in this highly congested area.Bharat Padiar, a Himmatnagar resident plastic pot wholesaler, has been parking his car inside the memorial complex for the past two weeks. Says, ‘Here a minor boy takes 5 rupees to park a car. However, he has not shown for the last three-four days. I don’t know if it is officially a parking lot or not. ‘ Amit Parmar, a lawyer

Started political life from this house said, ‘The gate of the memorial building was closed for a long time. But, it has opened for the last few days. I park my car here myself. ‘ On the other hand, historians say that this is a regrettable situation because few people realize the importance of this house. Please tell that it was from this house that Patel started his political life. While living here, he fought for the independence of the country with Mahatma Gandhi.

Sardar Patel came to Ahmedabad from Nadiad in 1913. Patel started living in this house in 1917. Gradually, this residence of Sardar Patel became the center of Bapu’s independence strategies and planning of public meetings. He stayed in this house for most of the day, so it was later given the form of a memorial.

Councilor was elected in 1917 and was elected as Municipal Councilor in 1917 from Sardar Dariyapur ward. Later in 1924 he was also the Municipality President till 1928. Bapu used to visit Sardar Patel’s residence whenever he used to come to lecture in the nearby Premabhai Hall.