Women kept Nirjala fast for husband’s longevity

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For the longevity of the husband, women observed the fast of Karva Chauth on Thursday. Worshiped by law and worship. After the lunar darshan in the evening, after offering arghya, she saw her husband from the middle of the sieve and passed the fast. Regarding the festival, there was a stroll in the market everywhere. The festival of Karva Chauth is a special festival for married women.

Every year Suhagin women keep this fast for the longevity of their husband. Although all the fasts are very special for married women, the fast of Karva Chauth is of different importance, women wait for this day throughout the year. Today the fast of Karva Chauth is being celebrated, this day is even more special for the women who will observe this fast for the first time. Like every year, there can be a lot of curiosity among women, while there are some girls who will observe the fast of Karva Chauth for the first time. Although some girls observe the fast of Karva Chauth even before marriage, but the first Karva Chauth has its own significance after marriage, the first Karva Chauth is also important in religious terms. Women start preparations several days in advance to look special on this day. Therefore, preparation of worship or adornment of worship should be done as per tradition. Therefore, it is considered auspicious for women to fast for the first time with full 16 adornment. Henna should also be applied in the form of omen.

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Women who have Karva Chauth first should wear Karva Chauth by wearing a wedding dress. If it is not possible to wear a wedding dress then you can also wear red saree or lehenga. First one should dress up like a bride on Karva Chauth. Occur. By the way, wearing red color is considered an omen on this day. Apart from this there are green and many colors which can be worn on this day. The fasting women kept Nirjala fast throughout the day.

Arghya was offered with milk as soon as moon came out in the evening. Seeing her husband Parmeshwar from the sieve, he took his blessings and passed the fast. This festival celebrated on the fast of Karva Chauth on the fourth date of Krishnapaksha of Ashwin month is very special for Suhagins. The Vrati women, dressed as Suhagin in the evening, listened to the fasting story of Karva Chauth. Thereafter, worshiped Devadhidev Mahadev and Mother Parvati and wished for her husband’s longevity. Then on the lunar day, he was worshiped by law and worshiped. In rural areas also, women who observe the fast of Karva Chauth, worshiped the moon after worshiping lawfully and passed the fast by eating prasad in the hands of her husband.