Ahmedabad: RTO server down, people face trouble paying fees online

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As the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 was implemented from September 16 in the state, People have started collecting the essential documents of their vehicle and clearing their pending certificates so they don’t get charged by a hefty fine.There was a huge rush of applicants seen outside the Ahmedabad Regional Transport Office and Vastral Regional Transport office from the next day of the implementation of MV Act.

As the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has turned most of the process into the online, the applicants had to fill the form and pay the fee digitally through the RTO server.During the past seven days, the RTO server was overloaded by applicants and was down. Due to which many of the applicants couldn’t complete their requisite process as the payment and appointed process was unfunctional.

Rajubhai Patel, an applicant said, “From the past three days, I have been trying to get my license renewed, but every time, I try to make the payment, the sever shows error and the process gets incomplete.”“The online portal of RTO runs smooth till I fill in the requisite details, upload documents, however, the moment I reach the payment gateway option it gets unfunctional and inactive. RTO should at least provide a manual payment option during such a situation, but there isn’t any,” Patel adds further.

The process of getting the license renewal, duplicate license, registration certificate of the vehicle, backlog, hypothecation process, vehicle transfer and others can be done only through online process. However, As the server is down, every process gets interrupted.

Rejecting the server down compliant, SP Muniya, Regional Trasport officer of Ahmedabad RTO said, “Our server is working full-fledged, there has been no complaint that has come to me till now regarding the same.”Muniya further added, “If there was a problem, the number of people, who are coming to the RTO wouldn’t be there. It seems the applicant, who is trying to apply for the process might be doing something wrong.”

Giving an alternative to the online process, the Regional Trasport officer said, “Even if there is a problem, we will take the manual payment at RTO and will solve his/her issues. People can come at the RTO if there are facing server issue and we will solve them.”