Gold Amount increases by Rupees 400 Weekly.


New Delhi : In the bullion market of Delhi, there was a sharp trend in gold last week and for the first time it crossed Rs 36 thousand per gram. After all, it was Rs. 36,170 per grams in weekly rise of Rs. 400. Silver also rose by Rs 100 to Rs 42,100 per kilogram on weekends during the week.

In the overseas market the rise in yellow metal was seen in the local market. According to information received from London and New York, gold spot climbed about one and a half percent there in the week under review. It was $ 1,440.65 an ounce on Friday, a weekly gain of $ 22.70. US gold futures up $ 1,206.80 Dollar per ounce spoken. However, silver dropped by $ 0.23 to $ 16.19 an ounce.Market analysts say gold has remained around $ 1,450 an ounce for some time now. If the dollar breaks, gold can cross the $ 1,450 per ounce level. In the US last week, the statistics of non-agricultural sector jobs were released which are weak. This may increase the pressure on the dollar.

If the gold overseas crosses $ 1,450 per ounce, then the local market may also increase the price of skyrocketing in advance.

The local market saw a rise in gold for three days and a decline for the remaining three days. On Friday, a steep rise of Rs 565 kept it in weekly gains. On Friday, the gold standard also reached a record level of Rs 36,360 per grams. Gold up by Rs 400 during the week Rs. 10 per gram. Sona Bitur also sold at Rs 36,000 per grams on Saturday with the same weekly increase. Sovereign, with eight grams, remained at Rs 27,500 without any weekly change due to fluctuations.

Silver spot strengthened by Rs. 100 to Rs. 42,100 per kg on weekends. Silver futures were quoted at Rs 41,365 per kg in a weekly increase of Rs 215. Coin buying and selling remained stable at Rs 85 thousand and 86 thousand per hundred respectively.

Traders say that the impact of increased import duty on gold in the budget is almost over. Now there is a lot of influence of foreign factors at its expense.