CM Yogi: All prisoners should produced through video conferencing.


LUCKNOW: UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to conduct the proceedings in the court of all prisoners through video conferencing. He said that if necessary, the law should also be changed. Let me tell you that two policemen were killed and escaped by three inmates while returning from muscle in Sambhal.

In a review meeting of the Prison Administration and Corrections Department, Yogi directed the officers that 100% remand of prisoners should be conducted through video conferencing. Yogi said in the meeting, ‘If necessary for this, the law should also be amended. After that amendment, the proceedings of prisoners can be conducted through video conferencing. This will not require the prisoners to be taken out and they will not be able to come in contact with outsiders. ‘

This order of the CM has been taken in view of the incidents that took place last month. This order can be considered important in view of the incidents of absconding prisoners brought for production. The Chief Minister said that CCTV cameras and other necessary equipment should be installed in prisons soon and illegal activities being conducted from prisons should be completely banned.

Yogi said, ‘Do not make any concessions with vicious criminals. He also instructed to conduct regular inspections in relation to the arrangements and functioning of various prisons in the state. Let me tell you that earlier in the order given by the CM Yogi of UP through video conferencing of all the prisoners, there have been many cases of inmates getting guns and weapons.