Engineer won a reward of 10 thousand dollars on detecting disturbances in Instagram.


Chennai:A month after winning $ 30,000 from Facebook after finding flaws in the Instagram app, Chennai researcher Laxman Muthiyah said he again caught a glitch in the photo video sharing app. After which he has won $ 10,000 as part of the network’s bug bounty program. Muthiyah reported this disturbance in July.
This included giving permission to hack the Instagram account without consent. Facebook has now taken cognizance of Muthiyah’s report. Muthiyah said in a blog post that Facebook and the Instagram security team have corrected the mess and that I have been given a reward of 10,000 dollars under their reward program.

Muthiyah found that there were some flaws in the process that reset the ID password on the same device. In this, Muthiyah told Facebook how to hack this Instagram account, how to exploit this weakness. Facebook said in a letter to Muthiyah that you have identified insufficient security at a recovery endpoint. In which the hacker was allowed to generate a valid non-recovery ten times.