Azam Khan’s Lok Sabha member can be canceled, this is the big reason

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Prayagraj SP MP Azam Khan’s difficulties are increasing. Now the election to elect his Member of Parliament has also clouded the crisis. The Allahabad High Court had issued a notice to Azam Khan on a petition filed by Jaya Prada earlier and after the response to that notice, the High Court has now fixed the next hearing on September 18. However, the way Rahu Ketu Saturn is hovering all together on Azam Khan, the wrinkle of Azam Khan’s forehead seems to have increased a lot.

Jaya Prada, a BJP candidate from Rampur Lok Sabha seat, lost her election. Mohammad Azam Khan has been elected Member of Parliament from Rampur, but Azam Khan has been going through a very difficult period for some time. He is getting speedy cases and nearly 80 cases have been filed against him, but now it is difficult and growing for him. Because the election petition of Jaya Prada filed against him will be heard on September 18. In which the validity of Azam Khan will be examined.If Azam Khan has not followed the rules under the constitutional provision, Election Commission rules, then his election is considered to be canceled. The petition is being heard by Justice SD Singh.

The petition filed by Jaya Prada against Azam Khan’s election stated that Azam Khan is the vice-chancellor of Johar University and has contested the Lok Sabha elections taking advantage of the post of vice-chancellor. At the same time, they have asked for votes in the name of religion and they have asked for votes in the name of the university.Due to which he violated the code of conduct and his conduct was completely corrupt during this election. The petition demanded that Azam Khan’s membership be abolished and his Lok Sabha election canceled. At present, the date has now been fixed for September 18 for hearing this petition. The court’s stand on the matter will come to light only after the commencement of hearing.

Senior advocate SN Mishra in this case states that there is no rule to contest elections while holding a post of profit and Azam Khan is holding the post of Chancellor of Maulana Mohammad Johar Ali University, which is considered to be a post of profit. In such a situation, it was wrong to contest his election while on this post and on this basis the election of his Lok Sabha member can be canceled.