Doctor took patient to hospital by lifting on shoulder


In Odisha, a doctor and ambulance driver lifted the patient on their shoulder and bring him to the hospital when his life was saved. This incident is from Malkangiri district of Odisha.

According to a report, Ayurvedic Physician Doctor Shakti Prasad Mishra by profession received the news on Tuesday that Kumulu Kirsani, an orphaned teenager in Nuagada village, is very ill. He cannot even get up and walk. There is no one to look after him. After which Doctor Shakti Prasad came to see him. His condition was so bad that it was necessary to take him to the hospital.

There was no road in the village where the teenager was living. To go to that village, one had to pass through jungle and bumpy paths. Because of this, they had to leave the ambulance five kilometers away from the village.
After this, the doctor and the ambulance driver took the teenager with a swing of cloth on the bamboo poles and carried it to the hospital. There the teenager could be treated.