Children will always be healthy,With the help of these tips.


Catering has a wide impact on the health of any person. Then even if it is about the children. Since children rarely eat food, special attention needs to be paid to their diet. Today we are telling you some such tips, with the help of which children can be kept healthy.
Never skip children’s breakfast. Also, their breakfast should be healthy and homemade such as poha, upma, parantha, idli, dosa and porridge. Due to lack of time, milk and some dry fruits can be given.
For every small hunger in between every mile, do not give them biscuits, chips or chocolate, instead feed them with nutritious peanuts and jaggery chikki. If you want, you can also make almonds or cashew nuts instead of peanuts and add coconut in it to enhance its taste.
Nowadays the trend of plastic lunchboxes has increased greatly, but do not give such lunchboxes to children. Regardless of any material or brand of plastic, harmful chemicals come out of it.

Those who reach for food promote problems such as hormonal dysbalance, frequent sickness and irritability in children. So instead of plastic box as lunch box, use steel box.