Former BJP MP will do memorable party, Sapna Chaudhary will dance


In the joy of birth of the grandson of former MP Kunwar Sarvesh Singh, where there is a party program for the Lok Sabha residents, the Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chaudhary will make the entertainment party happy.

Badhanpur MLA Sushant Singh, son of former MP Kunwar Sarvesh Singh, has received his son Ratna. In the joy of the birth of a son, there is a memorable entertainment party program with a feast in Ratupura. According to former MP representative Chandrapal Singh, there is a program to feast on the birth of the son in Sukhdei Memorial Degree College in Ratupura.

In order to make this party memorable, Haryanvi dancer Sapna as well as other artists have been approached to call. The people of the entire Lok Sabha constituency will be sent to the party.

However, the date of the event is not yet set. It is worth mentioning that earlier came to the exhibition in Moradabad, where the stage was reduced in front of a crowd of spectators.