So there will be no jail for betting on cricket match, BCCI will make big changes to stop match fixing!


In order to rein in the corruption cases that are continuously coming out in Indian cricket, Ajit Singh Shekhawat, the chief of BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit, has suggested that cricket batting should be legalized in India on the lines of England and Australia. Shekhawat, formerly of Rajasthan, who has assumed the responsibility of Director General of Police, said that if any law is made in the matter of match fixing, the role of the police in these cases will also become clear. Let me tell you, the question was asked to Ajit Singh Shekhawat whether it is not possible to stop match fixing in India now.

Recently, in the Tamil Nadu Premier League and the Indian women’s cricket team, alleged match-fixing cases have been reported, these cases are being investigated by the Anti Corruption Unit of the BCCI. Ajit Singh Shekhawat said that in his report in the Indian Law Commission last year, match fixing had suggested to be illegal. Match fixing has already been outlawed in England and Australia.

In 2015, the Supreme Court formed a committee headed by former Chief Justice RM Lodha as a major change in the BCCI. In 2013, based on the case of spot-fixing and betting in the IPL, this committee suggested that betting should be given legal recognition in India.