Be careful if you drink tea with tea bag, it can kill your life


Some people have a habit of drinking tea. In such a situation, they does not hesitate to drink tea with tea bags. But they forgets that this chaska of tea with tea bag is such an enemy of his life. Actually, plastic is not only polluting the environment but is also making you sick by reaching into your body through a cup of tea.

Recent research has revealed that tea bags release billions of tiny plastic particles along with tea, which is dangerous to our health. Researchers found that the plastic present in the tea bag caused bacteria in the water to grow in unusual ways and behave strangely.

This was revealed by a group of Canadian researchers at McGill University. Although tea bags are usually made of paper, polypropylene is used to seal these tea bags, a type of plastic. These particles present in tea bags are micro and nano-sized and 750 times than human hair.

This is how many tea brands use tea bags made of plastic, which can be a health hazard. Researchers wanted to find out how much microplastics leave in tea bags when heated. To do this he bought packs in four different tea bags of plastic. The researchers heated the tea bags in special containers of water at 203 ° F (95 ° C).They then saw with electronic microscope that about 11.6 billion (1160 million) pieces of microplastic and 3.1 billion (about 300 million) nano-plastic particles came out of a tea bag.