Be it US President or someone else, do not interfere in Kashmir: Amit Shah


New Delhi: The political activities in the state have also intensified as the voting date of the Maharashtra assembly elections draws near. Addressing a public meeting in Buldhana, Union Home Minister Amit Shah lashed out at the Congress and NCP.

Amit Shah said that we do not want any other country’s intervention on Kashmir issue. Be it the US President or someone else, Modi said in clear terms that Kashmir is our internal matter, do not interfere in it.

According to media reports, he said that corruption is a rite of Congress and NCP. Narendra Modi and Devendra Fadnavis cannot accuse even a single person of corruption, the BJP has done the job of giving such transparent governments. Shah said that the BJP is working for the development of Vidarbha and Maharashtra. Whereas, Congress and NCP are working for the development of their sons. Sharad Pawar, Supriya Sule, Ajit Pawar and their sons are all in the fray. He asked whether no one else has talent. These family parties cannot develop Maharashtra.