Important things to remember during periods


At the same time, there are some women, who feel bloated stomach and excess weight before or after the onset of the period.This is due to hormonal changes occurring in the body of women at the time of onset of periods every month. These hormonal changes slow the movement of the intestines and also cause salt retention by accumulating salt and water.
This causes bloating and feels heavy.

So, today we are telling you some such home remedies, with the help of which you can solve your problem to a great extent.During this, pay attention to your food. Eat healthy things like fruits and green vegetables. Potassium-rich banana, spinach Things like green leafy vegetables and sweet potato help to reduce period blotting. At the same time, if we make a distance from too many salty things, it will be better.Drink plenty of water. This will help improve kidney function as well as keep you hydrated.