Lata Mangeshkar, who is going to celebrate 90th birthday, said this about the early days of her career


Lata Mangeshkar is going to celebrate her 90th birthday on 28 September. She has not been singing in Bollywood for a long time. All the songs of the 2004 film Veer Zara were sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Before her birthday, Lata Mangeshkar talked about her early career. She also said that she never considers herself special on her birthday.

Lata said about her birthday, ‘What’s special in this? It is just like other normal days. I never considered myself special. If you think so, then it is your greatness. I am just an artist and try every day to improve myself.

In response to how to make herself better, Lata Mangeshkar said, ‘My biggest crime was my fiery nature. I used to get very angry even as a child. I used to get angry quickly. Time changed and I grew up. Then came a time when I overcame it. I sometimes wonder what has happened to my terrible nature now.

‘I have learned to apologize and forgive my parents. I still follow it today. Lata Didi said for the upcoming singers, ‘Riyaz. Riyaz is very important for every singer. I still practice today. I am also very fond of photography and painting.

Asked whether Javed Akhtar called your singing a symbol of perfection. To this, he said, ‘Many of my songs are considered flawless but in fact they are also at fault. I can hear the flaws you cannot hear and believe me, I hear those flaws in my singing every time. ‘