No Parking will be fine 5000 rupees.


Noida: No parking will attract a fine of five thousand.It is now possible to hire a car in a no parking lot on the road. If your car is caught in No Parking for the first time, then you will have to pay a fine of Rs 2500, while the second time it will increase to five thousand.

In view of the huge traffic problem in district Gautam Budh Nagar, District Magistrate BN Singh has given this instruction. He said on Tuesday that the administration is now going to take strict measures against those who parked the car in No Parking.

Along with the police, the general public will also keep an eye on those who drive vehicles. The public will inform the police as soon as they see the car in the No parking. Police will reach the spot and take immediate action and cut the challan. The amount of challan will be 2500 in the first time and then in the second time it will be five thousand. The details of the challan and vehicle will be feed on the website of District Administration and Traffic Department, which will help in challan.

BN Singh has appealed to the general public to monitor such vehicles and inform the police. If the police do not take any action, then the District Magistrate will take action against them.


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