Papa Saif Ali Khan is impressed by this matter of daughter Sara Ali Khan


Saif Ali Khan is busy with his film Lal Kaptan these days. The trailer of his film came some time ago which received good response from the audience. This film of his is to be released on October 18. This is the reason why Saif Ali Khan is busy promoting his film. Recently, Saif talked about daughter Sara Ali Khan in one of his interviews. This father-daughter duo is a Bollywood favorite and while Saif is a well-liked actor, Sara is also showcasing talent from her films.

Saif talks to the media. He said, ‘I think he (Sara Ali Khan) did a good job in Kedarnath and chose very interesting things in the scene. The thing that I love as a human being in Sara rather than my daughter is her humility and being grounded. That’s why I support him and I feel that everyone feels the same. ‘

Let me tell you that even before that Saif had said about Sara in a conversation that, he does not give any specific advice about career to Sara, she told that she does not ask for my advice. , He only asked me for advice once when doing Kedarnath.

She brought me a scene, we both read it and talked about it for some time. If there was anything about the environment, he called me and asked. We do not talk about framing our thinking and about scripts, because these things a human has to understand himself. You have to make your own decisions because you don’t want to blame others besides yourself, it is very easy to blame others.