‘Rice Pulling’ gang cheated Rs 5.5 crore, doctor commits suicide along with family.


Police in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh have solved the suicide case of a doctor and his family. Police say that the family has taken these steps after being cheated by four people. Police say the surgeon, Dr Penmetsa Ramakrishnam Raju, was cheated by a gang of four people.
The gang claimed to have doubled their money from the doctor. This gang promised to do this work with magical grains of rice. For this work, the doctor gave him 5.5 crores in installments. These money were taken by the doctor from the lending locals at a huge interest rate.

Police said that when Raju came to know that he had been cheated, he committed suicide with his family. One of the thugs, Varikuti Venkata Venudhara Prasad, was arrested on Tuesday. A special police team has been formed to arrest the remaining gang members.

The term ‘rice pulling’ is said to mean those who claim to attract something through their captured rice grains. This gang targets people and takes them into their faith and says that the grains of rice that they possess bring luck, as well as make people rich. Raju, 55, his wife Lakshmi Devi, 45, and his 25-year-old physician son Sandeep committed suicide last week. He had taken one such high dose drugs which leads to instant death.

On this matter, DSP Sheikh Masoom Basha of Amalapuram says that the accused arrested is Prasad, a resident of Koduru village in Krishna district, who was living in Hyderabad. Prasad formed the Rice Pulling Gang along with Shavalin, Anantharam and Srinivasa. He told the people to trap him that rice grains attract coins with pictures of God. East Godavari SP Nayim Asami says that the police are looking for the remaining three accused by forming special teams.