Rules for traveling in metro, no travel with so much luggage.


If you travel in the metro, then this news is for you. Because the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has announced to change the rules for carrying goods on the journey in the metro. According to which, now passengers will be able to take only one bag with them. Because according to new rules, now passengers will be able to travel with a weight of 25 kg instead of 15.
The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has mentioned this in a notified rules issued on Tuesday. It has been told that passengers will now be able to carry only a large bag, in which a maximum of 25 kg of luggage can be carried. Apart from this, it will no longer be allowed to carry goods in bundles in the metro.
Please tell that after amending the Metro Railway Carriage and Ticket Rules 2014, the government has decided in this regard. This notification states that “No person, while traveling in the metro, can carry any baggage with him other than a baggage containing personal belongings, which is 80Cmx 50Cm x 30Cm in size and 25 kg in weight.”
Also, it should not have any goods except with the prior approval of Metro Railway. Apart from this, for airport metro trains, the Ministry has been allowed to carry up to 32 kg. Baggage in the form of bundles will not be allowed in the airport metro. According to the new rules, during the journey, no passenger in the airport metro has two bags, which should not be more than 32 kg. Whose size is not more than 90Cmx75Cmx45Cm.