These seeds are effective in accelerating the brain

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Often we use fruits and vegetables and throw away their seeds, but the seeds of some fruits and vegetables are beneficial for our health. Let’s know about those seeds which will benefit your health .

Jackfruit seeds: If you consume jackfruit seeds every day, then health will get many benefits. Its intake keeps your heart healthy. Due to vitamin A, C, B, carbohydrate, zinc and phosphorus, it helps in fighting against deadly diseases like fever, vomiting, cough, hemorrhoids and cancer.
Sesame: Due to the abundant amount of antioxidants, calcium and unsaturated fats in sesame, these diabetics help in avoiding diseases like high blood pressure and cancer.
pumpkin seeds: If you use pumpkin seeds, then health will get many benefits. Because it contains vitamin C, E, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, protein and fiber, cleanses the blood and stomach.
Chia seeds : If you use Chia seeds, your health will get many benefits. Due to its nutritional content and omega-3, it helps in reducing inflammation, accelerating the brain and reducing high cholesterol. Apart from this, blood is also cleaned by taking these daily.