Those who invest in India get more respect: Finance Minister Sitharaman


New Delhi: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman invited American investors to increase their investment in India in a session held at the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund. The Finance Minister said that India is the only country in the world that loves democracy and respects the investing capitalists. The government is constantly improving to increase foreign investment.

The Finance Minister said that India is still the fastest growing economy in the world, with skilled manpower. The government is constantly taking all necessary steps to improve the economy.

Investors asked the Finance Minister the question, why should they invest in India? The answer was found that the country’s society is quite transparent. Law is paramount here. The process of eradicating problems is in progress. The government is listening to everyone’s talk. We want to listen to everyone and give them feedback.

The government is taking steps to solve the problems of sectors under pressure. This year, after an interim budget, the full budget was presented in July. We did not wait for the next budget to solve the problems. We are trying to solve sector-specific problems every 10 days.