To get rid of stomach ache, do this work quickly


You must have noticed many times that when you are depressed, you feel very less hunger or feel excessive. Stomach upset or abdominal pain starts before examination, etc. There are many such things, which indicate that our state of mind and stomach health are connected. Now a doctor from the UK, Roger Henderson has also proved this. Let me tell you that stress has been found responsible in 70 percent cases of stomach pain and other troubles. Actually, due to stress, stomach acid starts to build up more. Because of which problems begin to occur. Stress can cause stomach aches, bloating, strain, gas, and upset stomach.

Human instinct is sensitive to stress and emotions. So being under stress has the greatest effect on our stomach health. Try them to get relief from stress, if you have stomach ache due to stress then drink Tulsi tea. This will reduce your stress and will also cure stomach pain. Drink apple vinegar, if it looks bitter then you can also drink honey by adding it. Drink enough water and relax. You will also see the difference, drink peppermint decoction, will also get relief in acidity.