Ahmedabad crosses 100% of its seasonal rainfall quota


With the sudden surge in rains in the last couple of days, the city has received the full quota of its rainfall. As per the state government data, against the average yearly rainfall of 793mm, the city has received 803 mm of rainfall, which is 101% of the average rainfall it receives.

In fact, the district average is also just 2% short of its annual average rainfall. Against the average of 695 mm, the district has so far received 686 mm. On Friday, the city witnessed intermittent but heavy rainfall during the morning and afternoon.

Although in all the city recorded an average of 2.95 mm of rainfall till 6:00 in the evening. The highest rainfall was recorded in New West Zone that saw an average rainfall of 9 mm followed by the South West Zone with an average of 6 mm. The Vasna barrage recorded a water level at a height of 128.75 ft.

Meanwhile, the meteorological department said that the state will get light-to-moderate rainfall in all districts of the state. The rains will continue to hound the state for the next five days. The Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has also given his consent for the installation of automatic weather stations and an automatic water level recorder in the state.

The government in a release said that 82 new automatic weather stations will come up in the state while 50 other such stations will be upgraded. Automatic water level recorder will be installed in 104 rivers and it will be also made available for 76 big dams in the state.

Moreover, the government said it has approved Rs 26 crore of work under its water resources management policy. The installation of the automatic water level recorder as well as the development of weather stations is part of it’s surface water real-time information system.

Apparently, under the hydrology project, the Centre has approved Rs 101 crore grant for a period of eight years to the state. On Friday, the highest rainfall was recorded in Jodiya taluka in Jamnagar that witnessed 131 mm of rainfall. In all, 171 talukas received rains in the state. The month of September alone has seen 279 mm of rainfall.

Across the state, almost all the regions have now recorded over 100% rainfall. East Central Gujarat has recorded 120% of its average annual rainfall while for Saurashtra stood at 129%. For South Gujarat, it is 140% while for Kutch recorded 148% of average rainfall. North Gujarat received 99% of its annual average rainfall. The state in all has recorded 129% of its annual average rainfall of 816 mm. Gujarat has so far this monsoon season received 1056 mm of rainfall.