Ahmedabad: Patient death – SVP Hospital blamed, authorities deny

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The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, popularly known as SVP Hospital, is yet again in controversy after a video went viral on social media whereby it has been alleged that an elderly patient died in the hospital after doctors refused to treat him for not furnishing the required deposit.

In the video, the relatives of the patient are seen shouting inside the hospital and trying to shoot a video of the concerned doctor who refused treatment. The security personnel are seen restraining them from shooting any video and trying to calm the agitated relatives.

Notably, the patient was brought to hospital in a serious condition and the relatives of the patient have alleged that he was refused treatment in the hospital, resulting in his death.

Meanwhile, the hospital’s superintendent Sandip Malhan has refuted the allegations. He claimed that the incident happened during the intervening nights of Saturday and Sunday.

“The patient was brought here in a very serious condition with myocardial infarction (heart attack). Since all our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds were full, we told the patient’s relatives to take him to some other hospital. We also rendered the primary treatment to the patient including resuscitation, but he died while undergoing treatment. Thereafter, they created a ruckus,” Malhan said.

The superintendent added that the relatives of the deceased had also filed a police complaint after which police personnel had come and checked the hospital’s occupancy. Satisfied with our claim, the police left, he said.

The hospital administrator said the ICU beds always remain occupied in the hospital since inception because of low charges. “People who cannot afford ICU facility in private hospitals can easily afford the same in SVP Hospital and hence, there is always a rush of critical patients that we have been handling since beginning of the hospital,” he said.

There are 139 ICU beds in the hospital and plans are afoot to add 28 more ICU beds to the facility.