Cloves are very beneficial in removing problems

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It makes food tasty and fragrant as well as has many medicinal properties. Which are considered very beneficial for our body. But it is hot. Therefore, it should be consumed in limited quantities.

  1. Clove is very effective for treating cough and bad breath. Regular use of cloves relieves these problems. You can eat cloves in your meal or with fennel.
  2. Clove is very beneficial in stomach pain, if you have stomach ache or problems like gas, then eat a clove, it will cure your pain in a pinch. If you have this problem every day then chew a clove every day after eating. Gradually this problem will be over from the root.
  3. Grind cloves with water and mix it in light hot water; Drinking stops the feeling of nausea and excessive thirst.
  4. Cloves contain abundant fiber and other elements. If you eat two cloves and drink a glass of lukewarm water at bedtime every night, then many stomach related diseases disappear. In which problems like stomach pain, gas, acidity, constipation are eliminated.