Hyderabad boy invented ”smart bangles” for women safety.


Hyderabad: A young boy in Hyderabad has come up with an innovative solution to increase safety of women in the form of smart bangles .

Gadi Harish, 23, has invented a bangle with his friend Sai Teja that causes shock and sends live locations and warnings to relatives and police if a women is in danger.

The device, ‘Self-Security Bangle for Women’, is activated when a woman tilts her arm at a particular angle. The act of slamming gives an electric shock to the attacker holding the woman’s hand and, at the same time, sends an alert to her live location and relatives and nearby police stations.

Gadi Harish said, ‘I have developed a project called Self-Security Bangle for Women and this device is completely different from the devices available in the market. I developed this project with the help of my friend Sai Teja.

Harish said, “The main concept of this project is to provide protection to women because nowadays we are looking at cases of rape and kidnapping of women.”