In this ‘unique marriage’, the constitution gave promises and rounds


A unique wedding took place in Alwar with the intention of spending money as well as sending social messages to the people. At the wedding, the bride’s wedding procession reached the groom’s house.

At the same place, the pledges and rounds were taken at the venue, not from any pundit but as a witness to the constitution. Instead of taking gifts from the guests, the newly married couple donated books for the public library in their village.

Not only this, the wedding was completely plastic free and the guests were given a copy of the constitution and the sapling. According to the report, the wedding took place in Karoli village, 20 km from Alwar city where Ajay Jatav and Babita, working in a private company in Hyderabad, tied the knot together. Babita, who arrived in Ajay’s house chariot, said, ‘Ajay and I wanted to do something new to give the message of gender equality.

We wanted to give a social message through our marriage. I am happy that our family has approved our idea and now people are talking about it. I hope we have encouraged many people to do the same. ‘