Potter’s business collapsed due to online purchase

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Vadodara: The potters of the city make a living during the Diwali festival by making various items like diyas, chandeliers and ports. But ever since online shopping has started, 20 percent of the families have worsened. His business has suffered a 60 percent setback.

Difficult to run home Laljibhai Prajapati, who lives in Fatepura, told that this is our ancestral business. We make many things of clay. Right now, I, wife, son and daughter-in-law are engaged in this work. But now this business of ours is dead. Now even running a house has become difficult. Our business has been affected 50-60 percent due to online booking. Earlier we used to earn the entire year only in Diwali, but now online booking has badly affected our business. Now it has become difficult to drive home from Kumhargiri.

Previously, the potters had 9 neighborhoods, now only one is left, there were 9 potters in the city in Gaikwadi time, now only one is left. Only 20 families live here. In the coming days, only the name of our locality will be able to remain. There will be no one who works as a potter. Even children are not interested in it anymore, they have also started working. Now even soil has become expensive. Apart from this, other materials have also become very expensive. We ask for soil from Thangarh in Rajkot district. In this, prices increase by 10 to 15 percent every year. This time one ton of soil has been bought for 4 thousand rupees. This time too much damage has been done due to excess rain. Our furnace has been damaged. The wood called for it has also become wet. This time, nature has been hit hard.

No help from the government,potter Lalji Prajapati and Vipul Prajapati accused the government that Dalsukhbhai Prajapati, the chairman of the commission which has been formed to protect our work, even after our caste, we got the commission from us There is no help. Even if there is help, it is quite late after a lot of formalities. Which makes no sense at that time.