Rajya Sabha MP S Kujur resigns after the defeat of Congress.


New Delhi: The series of resignations started within the party after the crushing defeat of the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections is not taking a name. On Saturday, senior Congress leader in Assam and former Rajya Sabha MP S Kujur quit the party. He wrote a letter to the party leadership and announced to leave the Congress. He was associated with the Congress for more than 13 years. He has given a personal reason behind leaving the party.

In his letter to the party, S Kujur said, ‘I am resigning from the membership of the party and the portfolio given by the Congress party with immediate effect. This is entirely my personal decision. I have worked for the party for more than 13 years and it is a pleasure for me to be associated with the important political party of the country. He wished the party a bright future and hoped that the party would help improve the country. Kujur’s term as MP of the Upper House ended in June this year.

Earlier on Friday, Jharkhand Congress President Ajay Kumar resigned. According to Congress sources, Ajay Kumar has submitted his resignation letter to former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. This is the second time he has resigned from the post. Ajay Kumar had made serious allegations against several senior leaders of the Jharkhand Congress over the ongoing fighting within the party. On the other hand, today an important meeting of the party is going on with the new president of Congress.


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