Technical fault in the aircraft flying from Nagpur to Delhi.


Technical fault occurred in the aircraft flying from Nagpur to Delhi

Nagpur: A technical breakdown occurred immediately after an IndiGo flight from Nagpur to Delhi took flight, forcing the flight to be canceled. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari was also on board the aircraft.

Official sources said Pilot found a technical fault during the flight, after which the flight had to be postponed.

Aircraft 6E-636 had to be returned by taxi-way after the pilot announced. During this time all passengers were asked to debboard.

Passengers awaited alternative arrangements by the airline. He was not aware of the technical fault in the aircraft.

There was no prior estimate of a technical fault in the aircraft A-320 carrying about 143 passengers.
Union Minister Gadkari was scheduled to leave Delhi from Nagpur on Tuesday morning.


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