This method of domestic treatment can easily make the eyesight sharp


Eyes are a very important part of the body, through which you fully see the many colors of the world and the beautiful views of the surroundings. Therefore, it is as important to take care of it as you do for the rest of the body.

Due to overwork, the eyes start to become very weak. So today we have brought some such home remedies with the help of which you can easily make your eyesight very sharp.

  1. You should include carrots, oranges, orange and yellow vegetables in your diet. These vegetables are rich in vitamin A. The morning saliva in the eyes increases the light of the eyes by applying saliva in your eyes like mascara.
  2. Massage the eyes of the feet and thumb with mustard oil every day to brighten the eyes. Spinach and carrot juice are very beneficial in increasing eyesight.
  3. Drinking a pinch of cardamom in milk while sleeping at night keeps eyes healthy. Rub both your palms together until it becomes hot and then cover both eyes with your palms. By doing this, the muscles of the eye are relaxed.
  4. While working, keep resting your eyes occasionally so that your eyes do not get stressed too much.